Fair Trade

"How our products help grow communities."

At The Family Love Tree we can proudly say…

…that our products aren’t just about making homes more beautiful, they’re about helping to make the lives of the small communities around the world who hand crafted them, more beautiful too.

We travel the world sourcing the finest materials and crafts people who specialise in the different materials we need to create unique, original pieces.  Together we are helping to grow their local economies and the employment prospects of the communities we operate within.

With the growth of The Family Love Tree we continue to grow the hope and happiness of skilled people in these many regions.  So when you buy a Family Love Tree product, you’re doing more than just adding colour and love to your home, you are helping to bring some colour and love to the men, women and families of some amazing communities.

A little about the rattan we use:

The rattan used in our hand woven bedheads, chairs, tables and cabinets comes from the liana plant. It’s a sustainable material that roots itself in the soil and grows up to 100 meters high onto trees in the rainforests. The residents who live in or near the rainforest are employed to harvest the rattan liana carefully by hand, leaving the surrounding rainforest in tact. After collecting the long branches, they take the top shoot of the liana and plant it back into the ground at the bottom of the tree so the growing process can start all over again.